Revised Resume

Bartholomew X. Bonehead

808 Hopkins Drive East/Windsor, ON, 74R 01S/(519)-101-0001

Professional Objective

To pursue a managerial position within a major university that utilizes analytic, planning and leadership skills.


University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY                                                                                          1996

  • B.A in Industrial Relations
  • B.S. in Secondary Education

University of Windsor, Windsor, ON                                                                                     1988

  • M.B.A. in Industrial Relations

Work Experience

University of Windsor, Windsor, ON

Director of Placement, Graduate School of Business Administration                2004-present

  • Organized a twelve-member, $540,000 budget placement function.
  • Implemented a computerized records system projected to save $175,000 in administrative expenses over the next three years.

University of Michigan, Dearborn Campus, Dearborn, MI

Director, BBA Internship Program,                                                                      2003-2004

  • Established over 350 successful corporate relationships totaling more than 500 students.
  • Created a fund of $205,000 to the university from the results of those relationships.

Substitute Teacher, Windsor Public Schools, Windsor, ON                            2003

Training Manager, Hespin and Marquette, Ltd, Windsor, ON                      2001-2003

  • Designed a Comprehensive Management Program affecting more than 250 individuals covering all phases on management (i.e. planning, controlling for a major Canadian retailer).

Home Economics Teacher, Weaton Public Schools, Weaton, ON                  1999-2001


  • 2003 Teacher of the Year runner-up in the Windsor Public School District.


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Personal Resume

Nicholas O. Charhut

651 S. Maple Avenue, Oxford, OH, 45056 / (847)-828-4850 /

Professional Objective

To pursue a position involved in the field of accountancy that emphasizes good financial, computer and leadership skills within the company.


Miami University, Farmer School of Business, Oxford, OH

B.S. in Business.  Major: Accountancy

Expected graduation: May 2014

Specialized Courses

  • Foundations of Business Decision Making: Stakeholders and their interests, Government regulations protecting the interests.
  • Foundations of Business Writing

Work Experience

Caddy, Shore Acres Country Club, Lake Bluff, IL          (June 2006-present)

  • Responsible for taking care of the member’s golf bags. (Ex. Cleaning clubs)
  • Responsible for taking care of the entire golf course (Ex. Raking sand traps, etc.)
  • Recommended for major golf outings during the season.

Delivery Driver, Lake Forest Flowers, Lake Forest, IL  (June 2010-present)

  • Delivered flowers to various customers throughout the county.
  • Recorded the deliveries and assisted in putting the flowers into the pots.

Specialized strengths and skills

Leadership: Ambitious, motivated, ready to contribute

Social: Confident, easy to talk to, collaborate well with other people.

Computer Skills: Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Final Cut Pro


  • National Honors Society                                       Spring 2010
  • National Society of Leadership and Success          Fall 2010
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Euro Disney Stakeholders and their Effects.

Owners- The owners of Euro Disney would have a huge effect on this matter.  Since the connection between Disney and the French did not get off to a good start, the owners eventually lost a lot of money in the first year of existence.  In order to fix this, they had to be patient and know that the process would take time before everything would fit in and work in the system.

Customers- Customers were affected by this matter because of the owners ability to refuse to have an intercultural park in a new place.  Customers, especially from France and other parts of the world, would have a difficult time trying to adjust to a new theme park that is totally different from what they are expecting.  Issues such as food, attractions and also the inital reaction of customers would be taken into consideration.

Employees- Employees were affected by this matter because of the ineffective ability by the owners to use them throughout the theme park.  If customers never cared about the appearance of the park as a whole, then there would be no customer service and workers can’t be paid for their efforts.  Those issues were addressed by Disney and their changes to it were positively significant.  Employees are now chosen from many parts of the world so that everyone can learn their values and understand the language spoken by those workers.

Nongovernmental Organizations-these organizations were also a factor because it threatened the ability for the consumer to be “attracted” to the theme park.  Therefore, unions posted major legitimate offenses to Disney for their attitude towards the French and their ability to control mostly everything throughout the theme park, instead of giving the French the benefit of the doubt.

Tourism- Like customers, Tourists were also affected.  They wouldn’t understand why Euro Disney was in Paris in the first place.  And even if they went into the theme park, they would think they would still be in America.  Disney made a major change to that issue by diversifying the theme park and making sure everyone, including Americans, understood each others values.

Stockholders- Stockholders weren’t mentioned much in the case.  But because the Disney company lost a lot of money for their first year of Euro Disney, they lost not only their stock, but also their reputation.  Plus, they wouldn’t buy into Disney’s “attractive” theme park.

The city of Paris- This is an obvious factor because it’s a new adjustment for Paris.  Disney wanted to add a little American flavor into the city by building a theme park.  But the French thought it would hurt their values and their pride.  Plus, if you added a theme park in the vicinity of the area, you would lose a lot of original flavor in what makes the city so unique. (Ex. Eiffel Tower).

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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